Wednesday, 29 July 2009


So picture the scene, in the sexual health clinic waiting to get checked up. Sat with natalie while everyone is trying to look inconspicuous. Having a chat. looked over to natalie and saw she had some foundation on her cheek she hadnt rubbed in properly. I leaned over and wiped it off with some force. she sat there for a bit then asked "what was that" i replied with "just some foundation you hadn't rubbed in properly. A few seconds passed and she said "Oh ok then thats ok, as long as it wasnt a fly".
I had put so much force on her cheek with my finger to get the foundation off, that the fly (if it was infact there) would of had to fly with such force into her cheek to splatter its self all over her. what a nob

Kayleigh: I think we should buy a goat so we dont have to mow the lawn
Natalie: Yeah and a cow then we dont have to buy milk or bacon
5 minutes later
Natalie: Wait forget that bacon comes from pigs

A normal wednesday morning, just got in from my mates house sat there with natalie in her dressing gown while she proceeds to tell me the happenings of last night, "dan lost the remote control" ok then thanks for that. " can you have a look for it today mate while your cleaning" yeah sure. "i looked everywhere tho, under the seats, behind the desk in the kitchen in the fridge" RIGHT

Kayleigh: Tell us what you think of the house when you get back from work
Natalie: Ok will do what have you done?
Kayleigh: Just hoovered up sorted the rest of my stuff out and there is a suprise im not telling you.
Natalie: What have you done
Kayleigh: Redecorated with diarrohea and stencils.
Natalie: Oh cheers mate ive been meaning to get round to doing that just havnt had the time.

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