Sunday, 12 July 2009

Just a few old gems

You’re a kitten and you’re so cute,
I want to kick you with my boot,
Round the flat till your dead
Then im gunna stamp on your head

Il skin you just like crippens wife
It’ll be the best day of my life
You shit in the bath and piss on the floor
You wont be doing that no more

Il gash you up and make you bleed
To the fish your eyes il feed
Poor little Neville he only has one
He will have fucking three by the time were done

Il rub salt in your vagina
As ive heard theres nothing finer
Then il serve in on a platter
Garnished with salad and fried in batter

Il wear your skin as some fancy mittens
Feed your liver to your fucking kittens
Il wear your tail as a sock
Rap it around my throbbing cock

My mother will get your heart in the post
She will cook it up for her Sunday roast
Il make your bones into a lovely paste
feed it to my nan she will love the taste

Il put you through my fucking mincer
And then attack with a small crabs pincer
Cook your flesh in a stew,
Eat you up then do a poo

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