Sunday, 12 July 2009

A few bits of my inevitable creativity

You stupid cunt
I hope you rot
Your foul smile
You've lost the plot

Nothing makes me hate you more
Than the sole reason your a fucking bore
Nobody cares about your life
Your pain your hardship your fucking strife

Everything happens for a reason
Your life is shit
'cos your mums a heathen


Michael roberts my lil bro
His eyes blue
His brain slow

He does nothing at all
except eat shit
Sit at his computer
and act like a tit

his penis small
through no fault of his own
his dads a salesman
and has problems unknown

The problems are simple
tho no cure is known
he has no friends
and a cock the size of a toe bone

now i know what your thinking
this may be sick
but my brother likes showing me
his tiny dick

he asks if its normal
or heriditory
i reply with no
lets take you to jeremy

there on the jeremy kyle show
my brother sits
surrounded by an audience
he has to show his bits

Jeremy shouts
having a go
my poor little brother
has spoiled the show

His penis had shrunk
to the size of a pea
no one could see it
not even me

he sulked off stage
in fits of tears
no-one understood
the pain he's felt for years

Jeremy followed
with a face of glee
now the cameras are off
i will let you see

he pulled down his pants
my brother still glum
but what jeremy revieled
was that he too was not hung

where his penis should be
was a flap of skin
flaccid and small
no bigger that a pin

at that moment
by brother grinned
he knew he could go on
being tiny and dim

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