Monday, 10 August 2009


I love it when plain old niceness comes out in the general public. When people dont worry about the law or insurance and just be nice and conciderate.
My dog lead is broken and i needed to go into the post office to get some postcards to advertise my new business. There wasnt anywhere to tie the dog up with the broken lead. There was a friendly postman there that i asked politely if he wouldn't mind holding my dog while i ran inside quickly. i emphasized that i would only be 2 seconds.
He didn't start preaching, "oh i'm sorry i can't hold this dog the royal mail have a section in their rule book on situations exactly like this, where it states "If a random pedestrian asks you to hold his/her dog while in uniform you may not oblige, we do not take responsibility for lost or damaged dogs while they are in our care." Nor did he scream and run away from the pooch because nowadays dogs are the spawn of Satan and will kill any child or unknown human being within a 5 mile radius. And funnily enough he didn't say that his life insurance doesn't allow him to hold strangers dogs incase 1. it trips you up and you die 2. it eats you and you die. 3. it eats someone else and you die 4. it takes a shit on the floor and you die eats a discarded nappy and you die etc etc.
Instead the man willingly held my dog for the 2 seconds i was in the post office and stroked her to comfort her in my absence. There isnt enough of this type of behaviour about at the moment and i just want to know why. in the 60s im sure it wasnt like this maybe everyone should become hippys again. not everything has to end for a reason.

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